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Keep your business running with Backup all of your server’s data, enable Disk-based Data Protection and Disaster Recovery.

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Data Protection for Start-ups or Small-Size Businesses

Almost 50% of cyber-attacks target Small-Size Businesses. Therefore, we offer a backup and cyber-security solution, designed specifically for SMBs requirements.

Data Protection for Mid-Size Businesses 

Mid-Size Businesses usually face server architectural issues and hence, it is not easy to implement any cyber-security or backup mechanism. Acronis is a robust solution for these kinds of problems.

Data Protection for Enterprise

Enterprise needs a backup solution that can handle complex data security challenges. We offer centralized and scalable backup option that fits your current and future data requirements. 

Included in Acronis:

Acronis Plans

Plans Storage Price
1 License
50GB Storage
Rs. 900/Mo
1 License
100 GB Storage
Rs. 1125/Mo
1 License
250 GB Storage
Rs. 1875/Mo
1 License
400 GB Storage
Rs. 3000/Mo
1 License
1000 GB Storage
Rs. 6000/Mo
1 License
2000 GB Storage
Rs. 12000/Mo

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Frequently Asked questions​

Acronis is a leading backup software, disaster recovery (DR), and safe data access provider to enterprises, small-medium businesses, and consumers. Acronis solutions include physical, virtual, and cloud server backup software, storage management, secure file sharing, and system deployment.

Today, a lot of government, financial, and other organizations with extreme data sensitivity, high-security requirements, and zero tolerance for data loss and downtime, trust Acronis to protect their business-critical systems and data all over the world.

Yes, Acronis Backup supports data hosted on cloud or multiple instances. 

Yes, Acronis Backup supports data hosted on on-premise or multiple instances. 

Yes, Acronis backup solutions are completely safe and easy to deploy whether you have your data on-premise, VM or cloud. 

Yes, our team of cloud experts is available 24×7 and we provide support over phone, email, and chat. 

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