High Bandwidth Servers

Indian servers which support workloads that involve big data, machine learning, critical databases, and high-quality video streaming. 

Get High Bandwidth Indian Servers with:

  • 10 TB BW
  • 1 Gbps Port
high bandwidth servers

Pricing for High Bandwidth Servers

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Why High Bandwidth Server in India?


Big Data Files


Video Streaming


Highly Downloadable Content


High Traffic Websites


Low Latency



Benefits of High Bandwidth Servers

Unlimited data transfer

High-Speed & Unlimited Data Transfer

10 times faster transfer of large data files with minimum packet loss. Multiple file transfers also supported.

Multi destination file transfer

Multi-Destination File Transfer

Send and receive files between single and multiple destinations to improve your process efficiency.

Smart routing

Smart Routing

Smart routing ensures the highest success transfer rates by identifying the fastest route.

Website acceleration

Website Acceleration

Optimum performance and maximum uptime for your website visitors anywhere on any device.

Why Choose ServerGuy for High Bandwidth Servers?



With over 10TB Bandwidth and 1 Gbps network capacity, we meet the high demands of large businesses.

Dedicated IPV4

Dedicated IPV4

Dedicated IPV4 helps you to access your website via a file transfer protocol (FTP) on a regular basis.



Our high bandwidth servers offer great leverage of low latency, load balancing, and Build-in redundancy.

High Bandwidth

High Bandwidth

It supports the resource-intensive production environment & offers high service availability all the time.

DDOS Protection

DDOS Protection

Mitigate high-intensity malware attacks with leaders of security services like Sucuri, CloudFare & CloudFront.

Multiple Service Options

Multiple Service Options

We offer Capped Bandwidth feature to our HB servers along with customized connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about High Bandwidth Server

What are High Bandwidth Servers?

High Bandwidth Servers are dedicated servers with more than 10 TB bandwidth and smart routing.

What are the benefits of high bandwidth servers?
  1. Transfer large data files 10X faster with minimum packet loss.
  2. Smart routing identifies the fastest path with the highest success transfer rate in real-time. 
  3. Send and receive files between single and multiple destinations to improve your process efficiency.
  4. High performance and availability for your website visitors anywhere on any device. It’s that simple.
How many IP addresses come with my High Bandwidth servers?

A single IP address is provided with each high bandwidth server. Additional IP addresses can be purchased upon request. [Note: Justification for these IP addresses must be in compliance with APNIC guidelines]

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, our team of technical experts is available 24×7 and we provide support over phone, email, and chat.

How do I get started with High Bandwidth Server ?

Getting started with the High Bandwidth Server is easy. Simply choose from high bandwidth server hosting plans based on the number of resources your website needs and follow the signup instructions.

How soon will I get my High Bandwidth Server delivered?

Although the average time for us to provision your high bandwidth server will likely be 4-6 hours, it may take up to 24 hours or more. But, if you need your hosting right away, please call us at 9899618277 and we’ll do our best to speed things up.

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