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Kubernetes Consulting Services Run multiple applications on Containers without worrying about downtime and fail-over. 

Kubernetes Consulting
What is kubernetes

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source platform for managing containerized applications and services. It eliminates the need for manual processes involved in their deploying and scaling.

It is an ideal platform for hosting a cloud-native application that requires rapid scaling and automation. 

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Why do you need Kubernetes Consulting Service?

  • If you run your applications on containers, then you need to manage them in such a way that there is no downtime.
  • For example, if a container goes down, another container needs to restart. But doing it manually can be a difficult task, isn’t it?
  • That’s where Kubernetes Security comes to your rescue! It offers a framework to run distributed systems resiliently.
  • It helps you to manage your scaling requirements, fail-over, deployment patterns, and so much more.
Kubernetes consulting service

Kubernetes Features

Service Discovery & Load Balancing feature

Service Discovery & Load Balancing

You don’t have to modify the applications as Kubernetes architecture gives pods IP addresses & 1 DNS name. 

Automated Roll-outs & Roll-backs

Automated Roll-outs & Roll-backs

It ensures changes done to the application doesn’t affect its health. If anything goes wrong, it rollbacks change.

Batch & CI Execution for Management

Batch & CI Execution for Management

Google Kubernetes engine helps in managing your batch and CI workloads, replacing containers that fail, if required.

Configuration & Secret Management

Configuration & Secret Management

Deploy & update secrets & application configuration without rebuilding image & exposing secrets in a stack configuration.

Kubernetes Storage Orchestration

Kubernetes Storage Orchestration

Automatically uses the storage system of your choice, either from local storage, public cloud or network storage.

kubernetes Automatic Bin Packing

Automatic Bin Packing

It places containers based on resource requirements. It mixes critical & best-effort workloads for better utilization.

Self-Healing Advantage

Self-Healing Advantage

Kubernetes restarts containers that fail, replaces when nodes die & shut them if they don’t respond to a health check.

Horizontal Scaling

Horizontal Scaling

Scale your application up and down with a simple command of yours. This is one of its most amazing features.

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Planning & Deployment of Applications

Azure Infrastructure Management

Network Device Monitoring

Network Device Management

Server Monitoring and Management

Fast Automation in Kubernetes

Storage/Database Architecture

Database Monitoring

Database Maintenance

Database Software

Multi-Cloud & Multi-Region Solutions

Network Based Security

Application Based Security

Security Risk Assessment

Governance Compliance

Risk Compliance

Big-Data & MicroServices Solutions

Cloud Consultation

Cloud Migration

Change Management

Release Management

Patch Management

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