What is Amazon EC2? What are the benefits of Amazon EC2?

What is Amazon Ec2 benefits

What is Amazon EC2?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Amazon EC2 is one of the core services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). With AWS EC2, the user can rent virtual private servers for their web apps.

VPS is like a virtual computer that performs all the functions that a physical computer can do.

what is amazon ec2

The Virtual Computer is more cost-efficient and much faster than the physical one. VPS can be boot in a few minutes and have a simple web service interface that allows the user to obtain and configure the capacity accordingly. Developers can create instances of virtual machines and build apps supported by automatic scaling according to needs and peak uses.

EC2 simplifies the process of deploying virtual servers and storage management. It also cuts the cost by eradicating the need for investing in hardware.

All in all, Amazon EC2 helps in streamlining the development process for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of Amazon EC2:

The big benefits of Amazon EC2 is the control they give to the users, availability of the operating system to install, and the security that comes with the AWS applications.

  • Control & Ease of Access
  • Select the Platform
  • Enterprise-level Security

Control & Ease of Access

Amazon EC2 provides the same level of control over the virtual server as the physical server located in the office.

The user has total control over the administrative tools, the virtual servers, and that makes the management of instances easy. Amazon EC2 interface gives lots of options to users, like scaling up and down the resources in a few clicks.

Moreover, the virtual servers are automatically managed by an application program interface (API) that can be set up by installing a software development kit (SDK). SDK is available in the AWS, and you can select the program that works for your app.

Amazon EC2 gives you complete access to your environment, and you can modify the architecture as you see fit.

Selecting the Platform

Amazon Machine Images have all the popular operating system configures already. All you have to do is to install anyone.

Amazon Ec2 benefits

Amazon has a partnership with OS providers so it can give you an option to choose the most suitable operating system for your project.

You can choose to run any version of Linux distribution, or go with the Windows Server.

There is also an option to upload your operating system.

Amazon does give the user complete freedom to do run any operating system he wants on his virtual machine.

This is important as organizations develop apps and framework as per the operating system. Moving on to a new operating system means cross platforming of many apps and programs. If the company has used Windows for so many years, it must have developed in-house tools that work on amazon. Now changing the platform would be a time-consuming process.

Users decide what platform is best for the project; the migration process becomes easy on Amazon EC2.

Enterprise-level Security

EC2 comes with pre-built security features. The instance you launch runs in a virtual private server cloud that is a logically isolated network.

The admin does have control over the servers and functions to give access permission to other users.

From the AWS Doc:

A security group acts as a virtual firewall that controls the traffic for one or more instances. When you launch an instance, you can specify one or more security groups; otherwise, we use the default security group. You can add rules to each security group that allows traffic to or from its associated instances.

Moreover, if the company does not want to keep all the processes on the server and want to keep some of the premises on the physical hardware, it can be done by creating the connection through a hardware VPN device.

One of the most significant advantages of Amazon EC2 is the security that is backing up by the Amazon itself.

Wrapping Up

Amazon EC2 does offer multiple advantages, but the server must be configured correctly.

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